Introduction to Coco

Coco is an abbreviation for all words beginning with “co” that emphasize working together. Our favorite “co” word is community. It’s common practice to open a business and sell a product for profit. However, the most important variable in its success is the customer. Community is where it starts and ends. At Coco & the Director we don’t just know it, we want to show it. The Director, the most important person at Coco, is you.

We have created a space for you to direct your life. There’s a saying, “what you can’t overcome in intellect, overwhelm in numbers”. Our community is filled with innovators, small start-ups and is a melting pot of creativity.” It’s for that very reason that we have free co-lab space. Our stadium seating and co-lab space encourage collaboration. We want you to feel free to express your creativity and find inspiration all in one place. Imagine you have a genius idea and you just need the right graphics to help execute your vision. As you take a sip of your delicious cup of coffee, you notice on the next row below a graphic designer working on his laptop. At Coco & the Director you can be a resource or find a resource. Having the best roasted coffee this side of the Mississippi is just an added bonus. By collaborating with you we know that we will be continuously inspired to be greater and create a long lasting relationship with the city of Charlotte.

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