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Just imagine being a senior in college getting ready to graduate and just wondering what is next your life. For Olivia, one of the founders of UpDog, that question was already answered by graduation. Please welcome UpDog Kombucha to the Coco and The Director Family.  Kombucha is a variety of fermented, lightly effervescent sweetened black or green tea drinks commonly intended as functional beverages for their supposed health benefits. Although they are apart of Coco’s family their story started long before. UpDog was started in Winston-Salem, NC only a year ago. It’s funny that some people ask if it’s a dog food company because of the name. The ladies wanted a creative way to inspire some of their passions into the name of their company. Lauren, Olivia’s business partner, and she both practice yoga and wanted something catchy. They feel the name is a great way to start a conversation about kombucha.

While attending Wake Forest University around the winter semester of senior year, Olivia and Lauren decided to make a brand and sell it at school.  The two went to the entrepreneurship office at school to get help with connections and advice.  They were able to apply for grants through the university. While trying to get their company off the ground, they had a full time job and were also full time students. Olivia wanted to break into a different market and introduce UpDog. She decided to move to charlotte while Lauren was still attending wake forest. Within a year Updog was available in 70 different stores in North Carolina.  As of right now they have about 35 accounts in the charlotte area since May.  Plus they handle all of their deliveries. This allows the chance to meet with the owner and talk to them face to face.

There are several benefits from incorporating Kombucha in your daily routine. One benefit from Kombucha would have to be digestive support. Kombucha contains enzymes and yeast that helps your gut and your joints. Kombucha helps relieve some of the symptoms for people with Crohn’s disease and colitis.  Kombucha has an acquired taste but I think you will enjoy it. If you are a first time UpDog Kombucha drinker, pineapple mint is the way go.  It’s sweeter than the other ones and is a great way to get over your fear.  Another positive that has come from her company would be the fact that UpDog has been able to change a lot of peoples minds when it come to trying Kombucha. She feels accomplished when someone who refused to drink Kombucha, due to the taste of other brands, tastes UpDog and becomes a kombucha drinker.

UpDog offers a more approachable and friendlier taste to people who may have never tried or heard of Kombucha.  They offer six flavors and within this mix, you will be able to find one that you like. It’s a healthy drink with an amazingly fruity taste. What are you waiting for?! Stop by Coco and The Director and get some today!

~Chris McCoy

Coco Barista and Blogger


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