The “co” in Coco is no accident. Like coffee and pastries, we’re better together. At Coco & The Director we celebrate collaboration, connection, and community. Also coloring outside the lines. Want proof? Check out the local masterpieces in progress at our on-site Artists in Residence studio. And to show we care, we use sustainable cups and packaging and give back to the community beginning with our free co-lab space and many more partnerships to come.

  1. Coco’s Ex”Cloosiv” on Skipping the Line

    Just imagine if there was a way that you didn’t have to wait in a long line on Monday morning and you were able to get your favorite cup of Coco faster. Well my friend your wish is our command. Thanks to new mobile ordering app called “Cloosiv,” you can…

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  2. What’s A Kronut?!

    Imagine having a flakey croissant that is deep-fried and covered in cinnamon sugar, chocolate, caramel and pecans. Now that I have your attention…let me introduce you to a company where they make your sweet tooth’s dreams come true. Café Ganache is a local food truck in Charlotte, NC. Over the…

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  3. UpDog Kombucha For All!

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