The “co” in Coco is no accident. Like coffee and pastries, we’re better together. At Coco & The Director we celebrate collaboration, connection, and community. Also coloring outside the lines. Want proof? Check out the local masterpieces in progress at our on-site Artists in Residence studio. And to show we care, we use sustainable cups and packaging and give back to the community beginning with our free co-lab space and many more partnerships to come.

  1. Introduction to Coco

    Coco is an abbreviation for all words beginning with “co” that emphasize working together. Our favorite “co” word is community. It’s common practice to open a business and sell a product for profit. However, the most important variable in its success is the customer. Community is where it starts and…

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  2. Forte Legato

    Founder, Nick Penaloza, was managing operations at a multi-national bank while working on his MBA, and was dissatisfied with the burned or sour flavors of many coffees. Forte Legato Coffee originated with the goal of having a pleasant and flavorful cup of coffee yet somehow smooth, like a perfect symphony. Taking…

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