Coco’s Ex”Cloosiv” on Skipping the Line

Just imagine if there was a way that you didn’t have to wait in a long line on Monday morning and you were able to get your favorite cup of Coco faster. Well my friend your wish is our command. Thanks to new mobile ordering app called “Cloosiv,” you can now skip the line and start your workday off on the right foot. Founder and CEO Tim Griffin created Cloosiv to make people’s lives a bit easier when it comes to satisfying your daily cravings. Click here to download the app!

You’re probably thinking Cloosiv is just another app that you have to download onto your phone… you are almost right. What if this was the ONLY app you had to download and have the ability to order from your favorite coffee shop, restaurant or brewery?! Well, that’s their goal!

Besides four other coffee shops, Cloosiv is now available in an athletic shop in Southend called Fityoulous. They are also available in five other retail spaces and one restaurant for now. They are mainly focusing their business in the Charlotte area to work out all of the kinks but they are now trying to partner with square. This is one way they hope to increase revenue and get their name out to the market.

The ability to be inclusive with several different retail outlets and have the consumer feel that they are apart of something every ex“Cloosiv”, was the feel Tim and his team were going for. It wasn’t an easy process to come up with the name; it took about three changes for them to come up with the perfect name. Five years ago, the name was “my wallet.” After some more thinking they decided that wasn’t going to work with the message they were to trying to send to their consumers.

Tim stumbled across Coco and the Director and loved the esthetics and thought this would be a great place to partner with. Here at Coco, we are all about creating the best experience for our customers and partnering with the community, so we knew it was a perfect fit! The community has been very accepting to Cloosiv, so much that downloads have increased by 200% from month to month and along with having 1000 unique users. With an increase like that, it’s worth the download to see what all the fuss is about! You could soon see your favorite neighborhood shops in Cloosiv! Only time will tell, but we are glad to have Cloosiv in the Coco family. Click here to download the app!


Chris McCoy

Coco Blogger and Barista