What’s A Kronut?!

Imagine having a flakey croissant that is deep-fried and covered in cinnamon sugar, chocolate, caramel and pecans. Now that I have your attention…let me introduce you to a company where they make your sweet tooth’s dreams come true. Café Ganache is a local food truck in Charlotte, NC. Over the past few years, Café Ganache has gone from a kiosk in South park mall to a well-known food truck that is giving Charlotte a taste of the North.

Before creating Café Ganache, Sadruddin Abdulla and his wife worked for an ingredients company and they have always talked about having their own company. He first started off with a signature line of chocolate and cakes. The more he practiced his talents in baking; he was able to learn a new technique called “sugar art.” Even though Café Ganache is popular for their delicious kronuts, they also bake a wide assortment of pastries including cheese danishes, cookies, specialty cakes, etc.

Each batch of hand crafted kronuts takes three days to make. Abdulla creates a layer of dough and butter and stacks them high. Then the kronut is left to proof for two hours. Two days later, after being refrigerated, he shapes them and then fries them to perfection. If you enjoy a caramel pecan pie or cinnamon sugar kronuts, you have come to the Picasso of kronut artists. One of Abdulla’s achievements in this industry is being able manage the consistency of each batch of kronuts.

Sadruddin Abdulla, aka the Sugarman, started his food truck to have the ability to reach more people in the Charlotte area. With his daughter in charge of their social media account, Café Ganache was on track to have everyone going crazy for kronuts. Social media has been a huge role in helping them expand their brand to people who possibly haven’t heard of them. It has been their main source of communicating their pop-ups, where their food truck will be stationed for the day and their daily menus. Instagram has been one of the main outlets to advertise their brand.

Not only has social media sparked conversations about Café Ganache, Coco and the Director has played an important role as well. Ever since they agreed to sell their kronuts at Coco, they have seen a rise in their demand for kronuts. Customers who have tried them are now ordering them from Abdulla and having them pick them up at Coco. Who doesn’t want coffee and a kronut to help brighten their day?

Abdulla’s dream for Café Ganache would be to have several café’s in Charlotte. He would like to have a production kitchen that would be the headquarters for all of the baking and sending the products to the other stores. We could possibly see a café within a year and half from now.

Until then and after, we at Coco and the Director are very pleased to have their kronuts in our pastry case for our guest to enjoy. With their staple flavors like Cinnamon Sugar, Pecan Pie and a rotation flavor (currently it’s the Strawberry kronut) flying out of the pastry case, I don’t think this trend will end anytime soon. Keep a look out; I hear there could be a new flavor coming out soon!

~Chris McCoy

Coco Barista and Blogger